Home is where the ART is.

A pop up exhibition exploring the theme of Art and Home, where one begins and if the other ends and everything in between.

For a while I have been pondering on this idea as what I create and what I do are so interwined around my home and family life. My everyday life is my inspiration, my subject and often my audience.

So instead of throwing a party for my birthday,  this year I have decided to host an exhibition of my recent work in my house, just as it is, mess and all!


You can read about my thoughts on living, creating in and embracing a messy home here:



So if you would like to come and have converstaions over the kitchen table, sit on the sofa with a brew, take part in an interactive SELF display, and hang the #thingstodobirds out to dry then come and join in with this explorative and celebrative exhibition.

Home is where the ART is will be happening on Monday 1st May 2017 2-8pm.









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