Past Work



Stretford Arts Collective Exhibition

“The Drawer”- installation of found objects and drawing

November 2019


IMPACT- Urban Garden

8 Banners and Live art Piece July-August 2019


Bee in the City- Bee Together

“Goodbye exhibtion” at Manchester Velodrome August 2018

Bee permanently in Place at Limelight Old Trafford


The Bottega presents (Re) – Produce .

Group Exhibition -Victoria baths June 2018

“Danger of Suffocation – Keep away from children” Plastic Quilt installation and series of 4 photographs.


Fringe Arts Bath Festival – Normal Papers June 2018

“Things to do birds” sculpture and Photographs


 Shortlisted for GM arts Prize 2018 

On display at Stockport Art Gallery May-June 2018

“fridges have feelings too” Digital Print


“A Rubbish Night at the Museum”

Group Exhibition, Manchester Museum , April 2018

Trolley Stories


Found: by a redbrick wall



Motherhood and Metamorphosis Exhibition 

 Group Exhibition, Lansdowne Gallery Stroud, November 2017

LOST (and found)



‘100 years of OUI- Part 2’  kimberly Clark dispenser gallery touring with 

‘Fountain, fountain..” Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre 30th september 2017- 20th January 2018

LOST ( and found) – digital print.

Chester Art Centre Open Exhibition,  available to view at The Bouverie, Chester. Summer 2017


ALLEY SIGN- June 2017

four small mixed media painting inserted into empty gaps where signs used to be.

On permenant display in the Alley between Stamford street and Shrewsbury Street, Old Trafford.


Stretford Arts Collective Summer Exhibition July 2017

Down the side of the Sofa Installation

#thingstodobirds Installation


Chorlton Arts Festival May-June 2017, Jam Street Cafe

Solo Exhibtion “The Art of the Everyday”


Home is where the Art Is – Solo Exhibition at 146 Stamford Street. May 2017


“100 years of Oui”  Dispensed 29th April 2017 Kimberly Clark Gallery


Mother’s who make event, ‘doing it over the kitchen table ‘.

 Push festival HOME, January 2017.

Lynda Sterling displayed her ‘The kitchen table’  tablecloth at this participatory workshop and exhibition show casing work by artist and performers who are all mothers.

Who leaves this stuff? 

intervention  and poster display, Shrewsbury/ Stamford street alleyway. 2016. 

Layer upon layer, postcard installation, estate 2015.

THE BACK gALLErY 2015-present day.

An art gallery in a back alley displaying several of Lynda Sterling’s collection works responding to the local urban environment and issues around flytipping and waste.

Found by a red brick wall 2015,

Rainbow alley 2015,

Colour gate 2015,

Found 2016, 

Reflecting on alleyways 2016, 

50 shades of green O.T. 2016. 


THE WINDOW, 2015- present day.

An ongoing project since 2014 where the artist has turned her front windows into a gallery space displaying work by both her children and herself and work that has been produced by members of the art club that Lynda Sterling leads at THE BACK gALLErY.

Rotating projects every few months.

Work includes : The shadow of the almighty 2015, shadow tree 2016, ALLEY WEEK 2016, twelve highlights from TWELVE, 2016, advent window 2014, 2015, 2016… seeds of Hope 2016, a year of This is 2017, LOST 2017. 


An interactive piece where postcards were posted each day with different letters on made from items representing the artists tasks each day. When delivered back to the artists address they were displayed in THE WINDOW encouraging dialogue with the postman and also passers by.


GENERATION RENT exhibition , Islington mill (March 2015)

Lynda Sterling exhibited two pieces at this exhibition looking at the state of renting in today’s culture.

‘The Objects remain the same’ 2015     

A collection of found objects.

Through the discovery of a suitcase filled with once treasured items left by the previous occupier in the loft of her current house, the artist explores the idea of Transience in the current housing situation, how time has passed and people move on and through different dwelling places, but the objects remain the same.

Also, displayed is an old London a-z purchased by the artist in a local manchester charity shop, which later revealed the only page to be marked with a biro detailing a route along the road that she used to live on in earlier years. This piece highlights the idea that the past and your own history is always present, may even seem to follow you and that somehow we are all intrinsically linked together. Memories of home are never far away.



For One Week Only (18/6/05 – 22/6/05)
For this exhibition Lynda Sterling created two pieces of work – “on loan…” and “LOST PROPERTY”.

“on loan…”
Lynda Sterling took part in an exchange of objects with three local newsagents. The objects she has been “loaned” were seen in the mmu fine art degree show: for one week only, from 18th – 22nd June. In exchange for these objects she placed a framed image of the loaned object in her own home environment, in the corresponding newsagent. Afterwards the loaned objects were exchanged back again.

A postcard installation in the Manchester Aquatics Centre Foyer.
Lynda Sterling created a series of 34 postcards of images of lost property left at the Aquatics centre, Manchester. They were free and available for anyone who passed the stand in the foyer.

Isn’t the Coast a Colourful Place (2/4/05)
On Saturday April 2nd 2005, Lynda Sterling left the book – “Isn’t the Coast a Colourful Place” on the coast near Glenarm in a Jam-Jar. The book was made from images of found object on the coastline, and includes copies of the postcards that were sent to Larne Borough council.

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