Origami birds made from ‘to do’ lists gathered from a number of mother artists.  January-April 2017

As an artist and a Mother my life can feel like a never ending rollercoaster of things to do, be, make and go to. Myself, along with many others function through writing endless “to do lists” .  Lists where getting the washing done is just as important as sending off a proposal and getting to school on time as rewarding as being accepted onto a new project. My life cannot be separated into catagories. Through #Thingstodobirds I have created objects of beauty, life and freedom from the mundane and ordinary lists. These birds,  photographed in situ perched around my house,  create  hovering reminders of all that has already been achieved and gives hope for what may be to come in the future.


“There is importance, worth, significance and beauty in all that we do, from the mundane to the sublime, everything counts and contributes to all that we are.


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