Down the side of the sofa…

Screen-printed cushions displayed in-situ feauturing objects found down the side of the sofa.  January-April 2017.


When cleaning down the side of my sofa I found all sorts of forgotten and discarded items;

3 pencils, 1 felt tip, 1 biro, 1 felt tip lid, 2 pieces of broken crayon, 1 empty glitter glue, 9 hairclips, 3 marbles, 7 hairbands, 1 bangle, 7 loombands, 1 penny, 2 cheerios, 1 crust of bread, 1 cardboard game piece, 3 blocks of hamma beads, 2 foam shapes, 1 bead, 1 tiny silver ball chain, 1 grape stalk, 1 plum stone, 1 pear stalk, 1 remains of a dandelion head, 1 bit of black plastic (looks like it could be from something important??) 4 plastic wrappers, 1 piece of cardboard, 1 piece of folded paper, 1 screwed up tissue, and lots and lots of crumbs and hairs and tiny bits of who knows what!

By documenting these objects, drawing, photographing  and creating screen prints and cushions from them I have elevated their status. They are no longer abandoned and unimportant  but are now objects of beauty and significance. I have not hidden the mess and reality of my life, but instead chosen to embrace it and display it for all to see.

“Beauty can be found in the most unexpected and ordinary situations.”




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