The Kitchen Table

THE KITCHEN TABLE, A collection of 48 images. Tablecloth.

So often we feel the need to hide certain aspects of our lives; the mess, the mistakes, the bits that make us look like we’re not quite holding everything together in perfect harmony, or maybe it’s these times that actually reveal our humanity, beautiful and creative, inclusive of all our flaws.

Through THE KITCHEN TABLE, I have documented my own kitchen table over a period of time, capturing it in various levels of tidiness, cleanliness, clutter and activity and the frequent brews.



Instead of hiding these images away, or editing the mess out,  I have created a tablecloth from them. In this case the tablecloth is not here to cover the cracks and stains or to protect the surface, it is to encourage a new freedom, beauty and expression in the reality of everyday life and a recognition that all the different aspects of our lives contribute to who we are and what we create.


There is beauty all around us, but sometimes we just need to stop, maybe have a brew, and look again to see it.


This piece will be displayed as part of the Mothers who Make exhibition ‘doing it over the kitchen table’ during PUSH  at HOME mcr, January 2017.


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