Home is where the ART is exhibition- the ART of the everyday. 


Red brick trees on the telly, objects from ‘down the side of the sofa’ on the wall and cushions, bird tree on the messy kitchen side, abandoned fridge postcards on the fridge, drinks and games on the kitchen table tablecloth, accumulating faces on the wall, 366 photos on the washingline, things to do birds in the garden, lost trolleys in the alley….

Home is where the ART is. 1/5/2017

An exhibiton where art is in the home and home is in the art.

TWELVE, 365 photos taken each day at 12 miday. 2015
Down the side of the sofa, drawings, found objects, photos, screen prints and cushions displayed in-situ. 2017
Red brick trees, photo collection 2017
Our House, mixed media collabortative piece with children. 2015
Fridges of O.T. , postcards of abandoned fridges found around Old Trafford, 2016-2017
Bird tree, sculpture, 2017
The Kitchen Table, tablecloth made from 48 images, 2016/2017
#thingstodobirds, photographic documentation in situ, 2017
Red man, red wall, found object, 2017
Layer upon Layer, image and installation, 2015-2017


SELF, ongoing daily self-portrait series, 2017
Collaborative SELF series created by exhibtion visitors. 
#thingstodobirds, digitial print in found and painted frame, 2017
Still LIFE, drawing work in progress, 2017
#thingstodobirds, origami birds made from to:do lists photographed and hung on washingline, 2017
20:16 Stitched in Time, 366 images taken at 20:16 everyday during 2016 stitched together. Installation, 2016-2017
20:16 Stitched in Time, 366 images taken at 20:16 everyday during 2016 stitched together. Installation, 2016-2017



THE BACK gALLErY featuring LOST (and found) and Fridges of O.T. 2016-2017

The ART of The Everyday. 

Everyday is different,

Everyday is new,

Everyday has it challenges,

Everyday has it joy (even if that is just a moment).

Some days are harder than others but everyday always come to an end.


There are many things we do everyday; wake up, brush our teeth, eat, drink, wash up, tidy things away, walk to work or school or someplace else, sit on the sofa, talk, look at our phones, go to bed….


My everyday includes at least one spill or breakage, a dishwasher load, tidying up and then re -tidying up, a lot of walking up and down the stairs and  then out and around the area dropping kids to school or playgroup or a party or friends house, and of course picking them up again,  meeting friends, doing errands and nipping to the shops, cooking and feeding, and maybe some cleaning, sorting some clothes and putting a wash on, then another one, the ‘to do list’ could go on and on…


It could be easy to get sucked into the monotony and lose sight of the beauty and wonder that each day brings.


The Everyday has always fascinated me, finding beauty in the ordinary, the mundane, the forgotten, discarded or overlooked.


I live in the everyday.


I seek out beauty in every situation, from the abandoned trolley and junk left in alleyways to the items found down the side of the sofa and the messy kitchen table. There is purpose, joy, questions, value, appreciation and acknowledgment to be found.


I create in the everyday, from the everyday and mostly using everyday mediums and materials; phone camera, pencil, biros, paper, material and thread, found items…


My Home plays a major part in my everyday life, through time spent here both alone (occasionally!) and with friends and family, working and creating from here, raising my family here, tidying and cleaning here, inspiring many projects. It therefore, seemed fitting to turn my home into a gallery to house my recent work. A mix between real life and living and my creations and Art. The boundaries are blurred and messy if they even exist. By inviting others to witness this I am allowing the audience to decide what is Art and what is not.

It doesn’t really matter to me….


I have been created by the creator  to create,  so create I will.


It brings me Joy, healing, hope, faith and value and I extend that offering to others too.


There is ART in the everyday, there is ART in my everyday, everyday I choose to create ART, through drawings, photos, documentation and daily self portraits to begin…


My life is ART. My Home is ART…


Home is where the ART is.

Home is where the ART is, intervention 2017.  Who leaves this stuff? documented intervention 2016


















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