Overlooked @ Jam Jar Gallery

Overlooked is a daily image project that Lynda Sterling has been undertaking throughout 2020. Capturing a moment or object that would otherwise be left unnoticed or abandoned. The ongoing collection of these images can be seen here.

Not content with just capturing these objects and moments Lynda has created mini Jam jar galleries ( inspired by the location of an old jam factory opposite her house and studio which now houses Duerres Drive) to display select pieces in.

It is interesting to note the change in the images as the year progressed and the country went into Lockdown and everyone’s world grew smaller. This inspired the next stage in the Jam jar Gallery project.

The project progressed from weekly displays in one location by Durerrs Drive to a complete Jam Jar Gallery Art Trail around Old Trafford as part of OT creative SPACE’s #staycreativeOT project where each jam jar gallery was situated in the location that the original image, object or drawing was created from, which took place in July 2020

Something local, socially distanced, yet connecting participants with their immediate location in a new way as well as feeling part of something bigger.

To accompany the trail there was an abstract map and collection of images that inspired the locations.

map (1)

pictures (1)

The Overlooked collection of images will continue to grow and the jam jar galleries will preserve these moments in time and appear in some way or another so keep looking out for them.

#jamjargallery #overlooked #lookagainartist #staycreativeOT

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