Every Cloud …

Every Cloud… installation Ayres road 2020

During the Lockdown due to COVID-19 there have been many challenges, sadness and fear, BUT there has also been silver linings, one of these being how communities have really come together to support one another and those who are vulnerable.

As part of OT creative SPACE’s project #staycreativeOT ‘Every Cloud…’ is an installation of three word encouragements suggested by members of the Old Trafford community for each other during this time.

The words are written by hand on clouds hung in trees along the local high street, they move and sway in the wind, catching residents eyes while passing , prompting them to look up higher than their normal view line to be encouraged and uplifted.

There may be many clouds at this time, but every cloud has a silver lining.

There are additional clouds in #thewindow at OT creative SPACE.

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