The Drawer


The Drawer:  Documenting  found items left behind from the retired Butcher. No longer needed….but once served a purpose…..everything has importance… mater how small.


Now on Display in THE WINDOW at OT creative SPACE, Old Trafford.IMG_20190606_121027_312.jpgIMG_20190607_154606_649.jpgIMG_20190627_223519_944.jpgIMG_20190717_141511.jpg2019-07-17_23.22.02~2.jpgIMG_20190717_191356.jpgMVIMG_20190725_143905.jpgIMG_20190725_143840_exported_0_1564068352471.jpgmvimg_20190831_152226mvimg_20190831_152240

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