A year long documentary project of 20:16, 366 images taken at 20:16pm each day.



Reflecting back on my year through images it is easy to see certain themes arising; cups of tea, lights, making things and games. The first thing I notice as I scroll through them all together is the gradual change in light from dark to light then back to dark again as the seasons changed. When I started the project I didn’t quite realise how much of the year at 20:16pm would be in darkness, making it harder to get a decent picture, but I was up for the challenge. I can also clearly that 20:16pm is not the most exciting time in my day as more often than not I am at home, having a brew after just getting the kids to bed. It’s hard to make that look different everyday! However, upon reflection, the frequent pictures of drinks need not be seen as boring but can be seen as a reminder that it is important to rest and relax in all the busyness of life.

2016 has been a very busy year, it’s had it highs and lows but we have made it through.

Look out for my next yearly documentation project BEFORE TEN where I am taking a picture each day before 10am. You can follow it here. 

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