Layered Leaves, Squared leaves.

Layered Leaves

A collection of leaves, Autumn 2016


I dont know if this Autumn is different from previous ones, but I have noticed so many leaves this year in so many different colours.

During a  brief walk through Hullard park, Old Trafford,  I accumulated all these leaves.

Its amazing how different they all look and how intricate each leaf is with their own individual patterns and colours.

I spent some time experimenting with different arrangements resulting in 6 different Layered Leaves images.

Returning to the park the leaves continue to fall ,cover the path, be swept away, fall again,  change colour, cover the path and so forth . I dont want their beauty to just disappear and be forgotten about,  so I have placed these images back into the park where the original leaves were collected from, tied around the lamposts, to encourage those passing through the park to see and be reminded of the beauty around them, that is changing all the time.


This collection of leaves also inspired another collaborative project with THE BACK gALLErY art club  creating images of the leaves focusing  on colour, shape and detail within the parameters of a square.


Squared Leaves, detail. Novemebr 2016


The complete Squared Leaves piece can be seen at THE BACK gALLErY and Layered Leaves can be seen in THE WINDOW and in Hullard Park, Old Trafford, for a limited period.


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