This is Summer…

As we enjoy the last days of warm sunshine this year I have been looking through my collection of images taken throughout August under theme of “This is Summer…”

As always, I am keen to keep my images in touch with reality, potraying my ‘real life’ experiences and happenings rather than carefully compsed, selected, air brushed and idealised shots.

It is in everyday life that I see beauty; admist frustration, pain, joy,  the mundane, tiredness, loss, excitement, relief, boredom, adventure, growth…

This is Summer…


This is Summer… is part of the ‘This is…’ project. A year Long Photo documentary project where each month I take a different theme to inspire and challange daily photos. A challenge to be and to see creativity and beauty in everyday life and goings on.

To see the full annotated album click here.

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