Art work displayed at THE BACK gALLErY


Three new pieces of work are now being displayed at THE BACK gALLErY in Old Trafford.

The artwork encourages the viewer to look at normal, mundane and overlooked places and objects in a different light.  By turning the subject matter into beautiful images it encourages a new appreciation and love for the local area, aswell as highlighting the problems of litter, vandalism and fly tipping.

Reflecting on Alleyways
Reflecting on Alleyways,  5 Colour Photographs 2015
-A Greener OT
A Greener Old Trafford, A collection of 50 ‘Green’ images, 2016
Found,  8 Watercolour Posters 2015

THE BACK gALLErY is situated between Stamford Street and Albion Street in Old Trafford and can be accessed via Ayres road or Norton Street.

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