Street Sign

Replacing emptiness with art, colour, beauty.

2016-05-24 15.44.12
Street Sign – Acrylic on Board in situ , May 2016

I can’t help myself, when I see a space where something has once been but is now left empty, I want to fill it.  I have walked past the empty street sign on Gordon Street everyday for several years and have finally managed to fill it.

2016-05-11 14.50.50

I have always been drawn to terraced streets and their repitition and beauty of perspective. It is that image that I decided I would fill the street sign with. A Pictoral street sign with an image of the street rather than the letters that make up its name.

After studying the street at different times of day and in sun and rain I decided to paint an image of it in sunlight where the tree on the right cast beautiful shadows over the road and end terrace wall. The colours I used were bold, bright and warm, reminisent of a mediteranian villa scene, creating a vibrant image of the street in contrast to the mundane  perception of a terraced street and normal black and white street sign .

2016-05-24 15.43.22
Street SignAcrylic on Board in situ, May 2016

By replacing this image back in situ on Gordon Street I hope to uplift passers by when they catch sight of it and remind people of the beauty that is in our everyday lives.


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