A Greener Old Trafford

A Collection of 50 ‘green’ images. 2016

Old Trafford; an area full of red brick terraced streets, alleyways, highrise tower blocks and new build estates, my urban environment.

Myself, along with many other residents, dream of making Old Trafford a greener place to live.

Inspired by this idea, I took a short walk around Old Trafford in the sunshine to see what ‘green’ there already is.

Plants, grass, paint, gates, bins, rubbish, moss, construction, cars….

A mixture of  natural beauty, manmade items and rubbish, in both obvious and unexpected places.

Green  Love OT (1)
A Greener Old Trafforda collection of 50 ‘green’ images, 2016

As an artist, I like to highlight the beauty that is already around us, but is often missed as we rush around in our day to day lives. I see beauty in both the manmade and the natural, and sometimes unexpectedly in rubbish, dumped and disguarded items and destruction.

By collecting these images and forming them into a heart shape I hope to show others what Love there already is for our area and also challenge others to show more love for our area.

Lets Love Old Trafford and make it cleaner and even greener!

To see the full album of 50 ‘green’ images click here.

If you are interested in keeping Old Trafford cleaner and greener why not check out LOVE OLD TRAFFORD (LOTS) a community group that aims to do just that.


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