Who leaves this stuff? – an intervention

Walking through an alley in Old Trafford this morning, I spotted some chairs that had been disguarded.2016-03-21 09.47.44

Along with many other residents, I do not like to see items dumped in our alleys and I questioned:

“who leaves this stuff?”

Who leaves this stuff? , March 2016

This prompted me to respond to this act with an intervention. A need to highlight what has happened, question why it has happened but also draw attention to the beauty of these two chairs, propped against one another, disguared and un loved.

2016-03-21 15.41.31

“who leaves this stuff?” – an intervention, March 2016

This piece will take on its own journey now as items that have been dumped often get dragged and moved around, taken in by someone or eventually picked up by the council.

I hope it has caused someone to question “who leaves this stuff?” and why?

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