10 days of ‘ this is normal…. ‘

At the start of 2016 I have embarked on a photo documentary project to attempt to show what is ‘normal’ in my house. No trying to edit out the mess when taking photos, or only capturing the ‘highlights’ of life to share with others. This is my reality. This is normal…


Day 1. Toys everywhere.


Day 2. Clutter on the side.


Day 3. The aftermath of creativity.


Day 4. A sofa you can’t sit on.


Day 5. Return from school run to see what is left from breakfast.


Day 6. A grubby cookbook ( you can always tell the recipes I like!)


Day 7. Shoes on the floor.


Day 8. Dirty drawers.


Day 9. Bags and bags of washing.


Day 10. Confetti on a grubby rug.

I have found this process fairly liberating.  I don’t want to spend my time pretending to be something I am not, or editing my life to create a fairytale.

This is me.

This is normal.

This is an ongoing project….

To see the full albulm click here.

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