Layer upon Layer

A documentary project looking at the demolition of Raven Court in Old Trafford.

Raven Court in Old Trafford was demolished in early 2014 and Lynda Sterling was there to document the process.

TowersAs the walls were ripped away it revealed the decor and memories and history of those who had lived there and called it home.

The different colours and wallpapers are a reminder into how we all want to make our mark on where we live and create our own sanctuary.

It also reveals how close the inhabitants were living side by side and on top of one another.

By photographing  and framing this image  Lynda Sterling is highlighting the importance of past history and recognising people’s own personality and stories and attachments when a building is ripped apart.

There is beauty in the destruction.

Over a year later Lynda Sterling created postcards from the images that she had previously took .Towers(1)

A postcard being a reminder and keepsake of what had gone on in the past. These were then tacked onto the fences that surround where the tower block used to be, available for passers by to look at and take away.


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